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Science of Admixture

Garrett Hellenthal, statistical geneticist at the Genetic Institute, University College London, gave a very interesting talk at the recent Who Do You Think You Are convention in England on the science of how DNA companies predict ethnicity. Given that ethnicity … Continue reading

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AncestryDNA article in Nature Communications

When you choose not to opt out of the research component when you first sign up for AncestryDNA, your DNA results as well as your public family tree are used as data for scientific research. Although this can include the … Continue reading

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About Ethnicity Results

About half of the people who do DNA tests just want to know their ethnicity. In this article, leading genetic genealogist Roberta Estes gives you an overview of what “ethnicity” results can and cannot tell you about your ancestry: Ethinicity … Continue reading

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Taking Race Out of Human Genetics

A letter from a group of geneticists, published in this months Science magazine, suggests that the term “race” is no longer acceptable as a biological category because it is fraught with political and social ambiguities and is a reminder of … Continue reading

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