portraitCate Pearce is available for the following services:

DNA consultation
> Project planning: what tests are going to achieve your genealogy goals?
> Interpretation of results: what do the results mean, and where to go from here?
> Consulting in person or via Skype

> Undertaking primary source archive research at the State Records Office of WA, State Library of WA, regional family history repositories
> Accessing individual records at the above repositories and providing digital or hard copies

Digitisation services:
> Creating digital family trees
> Digital archiving of photographs and family history documents

Family history
> Project planning: advice on how to research a genealogy question or brick wall
> Research: advice on where to go for the information you need
> Reporting: providing you with a written report of research

Aboriginal family history
> Researching state and private archive repositories for information on Aboriginal family members who have been documented in government and missionaries records.

Please complete the contact form with details of the service you require. Service fees vary with the project, determined by the amount of time required and/or the number of documents to be retrieved, digitised and copied.