This website is managed by Cate Pearce, a genealogist specialising in DNA applications to family history, and the convenor of the DNA Special Interest Group at the Western Australian Genealogy Society. Cate is also an historian with special research interests in Aboriginal records pertaining to the Stolen Generation in Western Australia and Irish immigration to South Australia.

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Message from Cate:

When I was 21 years old, I visited England in search of my roots. In an old English church, I held in my hands a 400-year-old parish register and I was in awe as I read the names of my ancestors, who had signed the register with a shaky X. Since then I have been a dedicated genealogist. And today I’m still in awe as I read a new kind of signature that is found within the archives we all hold inside us: our DNA. The advances in DNA technology have now revolutionised the field of genealogy, making it possible to read our ancestors stories right here within our very own bodies.

The field of genetic genealogy is fascinating and constantly evolving, but you don’t have to be a genetic scientist to interpret and apply your DNA results. The aim of this blog is to help you to get the most out of your DNA testing by sharing hints and keeping you up-to-date with DNA topics of interest from Australia and around the world.

I hope you enjoy sharing this DNA adventure as we journey ever-deeper inside to explore the stories of our ancestors – gene by gene.

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