Tip for Gedmatch: User Lookup

When I get a new match show up on my One-to-Many list on Gedmatch, which shows up highlighted in green, I always check the new match using the User Lookup function. User Lookup is a very useful function, but many people don’t know about this handy tool. You can find User Lookup on your Gedmatch homepage under the “Learn More” heading on the left side of the page. When you click on the User Lookup link, you will open a new page showing choices of filling in the Gedmatch kit number, the Gedcom ID number or the email address. Instead of putting in the Gedmatch kit number of my new match, I cut and paste the email address on the new match instead. Using the email address will give you a list of all the kits that are attached to that email and also provide a link to any family tree (gedcom) that has been uploaded. It is a quick and handy way of finding more information about your new match.

4 thoughts on “Tip for Gedmatch: User Lookup

    • Hi Don,
      If you have uploaded a family tree (gedcom) to your Gedmatch account, you should see that listed on your Gedmatch homepage on the left side, down the bottom, in a box called “Your Gedcom Resources”, which is located just under the box called “Your DNA Resources”.


  1. Is it possible for a 1.0 match to be anything other than a parent child relationship. Would an identical twin on the parent show up as a 1.0 also? I am confused as someone I know has a 1.0 match with someone that is supposed to be a previously unknown sibling to her father?


    • Yes, you are quite right, Nancy – identical twins will show as 1.0 generation match and act in the same way as parent and child. Therefore, it is possible that although this match may appear to be a parent, he is actually an uncle.


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